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Wedding Rentals

Making your specal day amazing. We are now accepting reservations for the 2018 & 2019 wedding season at Worthington Place Oceanside.

  • Chairs: $10 / day 
  • Coffee tables: $29 / day
  • Bar: $89 / day 
  • Pillars / stools: $10 / day 

Set up and removal fee: $399 per event 

The flux chair. The award-winning Dutch design.
Looks like a giant envelope; turns into a designer chair. Simple. View the Flux Chair website >>

One craftily cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene, in white colour, zero tools necessary, you can set it up or we can do it for you all stored on site and set up and removal for only $399. No more old school ugly chairs for your pictures and videos but a beautiful designer chairs ready to go for your outdoor or indoor weddings at Worthington Place Oceanside. 

For extra comfort add our chair pads for $1.99 each / day. 

Please note that we only have white since we do lots of weddings.